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A SPECIAL PLANNING AREA (SPA) was approved by town council in December 2021.

This SPA is narrowly defined to allow for the development of a destination-based hospitality/resort.

The SPA was approved during the Covid lockdown. As a result, most residents were never given an opportunity to participate in this Major Amendment to our General Plan. The feedback that residents are now finally able to provide suggests there is strong opposition to a resort on this corner.

Therefore, we strongly recommend the SPA for the NW corner of Tom Darlington and Carefree Highway be removed from the Future Land Use Map.


Residents number one priority is to preserve more open space in Carefree. Carefree Park, a non-profit 501(c)3 is dedicated to acquiring 48 acres of State Land located 1/2 mile from Town Center and turning it into a nature preserve with walking trails.

This is the last remaining multi-acre parcel of land in Carefree. Carefree doesn’t need anymore residential neighborhoods - we need a place to enjoy a long walk with friends and this is our last chance to do that. Carefree must commit to residents number one priority.


Most residents agree that the height of the Hampton Inn and View Town homes have blemished the magnificent views Carefree residents once enjoyed in our Town Center. These structures detract from Carefree’s scenic community character.

Adding a second story residential development to the retail shops will only further detract from our Town Center.Carefree’s General Plan Draft is available here:

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Mini Storage

A Mini Storage in the heart of Carefree

November 02, 20233 min read

It has come to our attention that a developer is planning to build a massive public storage facility in the heart of Carefree. 

Based on the information provided, this colossal structure would take up the entire block at the Southwest corner of Cave Creek Road and Bloody Basin.

Once built, this monstrosity will further destroy the quintessential charm and sophistication that defines Carefree's iconic community forever.


For your information, the developer owns two parcels (216-83-063A and 216-83-064C) with a combined square footage of 80,500 square feet.

To put things in perspective, the parcel the Hampton Inn is sitting on is 89,500 square feet.

This public storage facility will become nothing short of a massive unattractive heat island in the middle of Carefree, which is what our General Plan states in clear terms that we are trying to avoid with any new developments.

So much for protecting the scenic community charm, there is nothing charming about an 80,500 square foot public storage facility. 

To feign consideration and pacify residents, the developer is now proposing to revise the structure from a two-story to a one-story public storage facility and is proposing two small spaces for "retail" and "sandwich" businesses. 

... This is nothing more than a disingenuous ploy to satisfy the Special Use Permit (SUP) guidelines...

... What this developer fails to realize is that placing such impractical concession businesses within this mammoth storage complex is neither desirable nor practical...

Further, the developer is only required to notify residents within 500 feet of the structure.

...What about the rest of the Carefree residents who will be mortified and embarrassed to have a massive eyesore in the middle of our beautiful town?...

Did you know that the Carefree Village Center Redevelopment Plan (Town Council approved January 3, 2023) states the use that the town envisions for this area is Retail/Residential (pg. 21 Plan ID 4)?

A massive storage facility at this location fails all other major requirements for a SUP … 

... it is NOT necessary for public welfare,

... it is NOT what the General Plan or Carefree Village Center Redevelopment Plan intends, and most certainly

... it is NOT in keeping with the upscale and “scenic community vibe” that residents said was important to Carefree...

In no uncertain terms, this location is completely inappropriate for a public storage facility, and no amount of cosmetic adjustments can render it a suitable fit for our beautiful town!

Our community deserves better than this behemoth.

We do not need another eyesore at an entry into our business core.

We must act NOW before it’s too late! 

Here are 3 ways you can get involved and help:

  1. Reach out to Stacey Bridge-Denzak, the Carefree Planning Director & Zoning Administrator (, urging her not to grant the developer a Special Use Permit (SUP) for the storage facility because it is not in alignment with our town’s General Plan and it is  inconsistent with the semi-rural scenic charm we want to preserve for Carefree. Be sure to copy her superiors, Town Administrator Gary Neiss ( and Carefree Mayor John Crane (

  2. Mark your calendar to attend the “Carefree Storehouse” 3rd Neighborhood Meeting taking place on November 9th from 5:30pm to 6:30pm at the Town Council Chamber at 33 Easy Street and be prepared to voice your opposition in the meeting.

  3. Initiate contact with the developer’s representative Mike Leary ( or cell 480-991-1111) to convey the unwavering stance of Carefree residents against a storage facility within our town, regardless of any assurances of its supposed attractiveness or harmlessness. 

The goal is to flood their inboxes with our opposition and show up to a standing room only meeting to let them know that we won’t allow a massive public storage facility to be part of the landscape in Carefree.

Please share this information with all your Carefree friends and neighbors. By working together we can safeguard the unique beauty of Carefree and uphold its timeless charm.

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